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It’s not just about the finish line or the happily ever after. It’s about all of the steps, both big and small, easy and hard, you take along the way. Your ability to pivot, change, and lean into the challenges along your path is how you begin to flourish.

And then you can truly Journey Well.



HI! I’M STEVIE (she/her/hers)

A divorced, single-mother leaning into change and all of the opportunities it creates. As a white, female, cis-gender, and nondisabled person, I'm an ally. I’m learning about my privilege and growing in my understanding of how it impacts my perspective and actions.

I’m also an atheist, a world traveler, an Orangetheory superfan, Foo Fighters lover, and depression and anxiety sufferer. I try to focus on the little steps I have to take each day for progress in whatever direction I’m headed and then embrace everything those steps can teach me.

I can help you decide your direction, make progress, and learn to embrace the lessons along the way too.


Life is a journey. Whether you already have an itinerary or you’re taking the very first step, I can guide you. One-on-one life coaching, leadership coaching, mastermind groups, and zigzag groups provide opportunities to explore your goals, identify your unique strengths, and deeply understand the biases and mindsets holding you back.

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I have been fortunate to have Stevie provide both personal and professional guidance.  With each instance, Stevie provided a safe space where I could work through what was holding me back.  Stevie embraces a growth mindset.  Through this, she has helped me lean into the changes I was experiencing, which ultimately resulted in meeting my goals.  Stevie brings her authentic self into every conversation.  Her communication style is both clear and empathetic.  I wholeheartedly recommend Stevie to anyone seeking support and guidance.


I can't thank Stevie enough for always guiding me toward an empathetic approach in leadership. As someone who came from the school of thought that people need to be "professional"; at work and leave their personalities at home, realizing that we're all at our best when we are our whole selves was a change. Over the last four years, Stevie's programming and one on one time with me have helped me develop my emotional intelligence and self-awareness allowing me not only to be a more effective leader, but also a much more self-compassionate and free human being.


Stevie embraces challenges and not only encourages others to grow, she cultivates a growth mindset for the people around her.  She is empathetic, listening in a way that deeply connects people while also asking questions in a way that is supportive and challenging. Her empathy combined with the way she leans into change has helped me see what’s possible for myself. She doesn't shy away from difficult conversations but she also doesn't go into them like a bull in a china shop. When I’ve struggled with how to approach a situation, Stevie has listened, asked questions, provided suggestions, and followed up on how the situation was going - all qualities of an outstanding coach.  


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