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The First Pancake Always Sucks

Breakfast has always been a cherished meal in my home. When my kids were younger, breakfast for dinner was a foolproof choice – a plate that brought smiles to everyone's faces. They relished every item on the plate. Yet there was always one breakfast item missing from our menu – pancakes.

Eggs, waffles, sausage, bacon, biscuits – everything found its place, except for pancakes. I convinced myself I simply wasn’t good at making them.

The first pancake was consistently a disappointment – burned, oddly shaped, or with a peculiar taste. Frustrated, I would abandon the entire batch, eventually reaching a point where I stopped trying altogether. Despite being a reasonable cook and baker, the elusive pancake seemed perpetually out of reach.

The story I told myself was that I simply wasn't good at making pancakes.

So, it's not me? I'm not the problem?

Nope. And neither are you.

Our initial attempts at almost everything often fall short or don't meet the expectations we set for ourselves. Learning, growing, creating, evolving – the process of change in any aspect of life is undeniably challenging.

If it were easy, everyone would be making significant life changes every day to manifest the life they've dreamed of, but that's not happening because it is hard and challenging work.

Change demands practice – akin to the first pancake not being perfect, but the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ones turning out delicious. Your first try might miss the mark, but each attempt teaches you more about what you need to do better the next time and, ultimately, succeed.

Change necessitates a positive and healthy environment – just like the pan has to heat up properly before the pancakes turn out well. We need systems and processes (daily habits!) that set us up for success. Sleep, nutrition, movement, self-care, spending time in nature, or whatever your essential ingredients are for feeling engaged in life, must be part of the equation for us to succeed in making changes.

And change requires an encouraging and kind support system – just like the seasonings coming together to create that delicious pancake. Surrounding ourselves with people who care for us in the way we need to be cared for can truly make all the difference.

Similar to making pancakes, the process of change is filled with trial and error. The key is to keep flipping, keep trying, and keep learning from each attempt.

Consider this your invitation to heat up your life's pan with positivity, healthy habits, and a supportive environment. Surround yourself with the right seasonings – the people who uplift and inspire you. Remember, your first attempt at change is not a reflection of your capability; it's merely the first step in crafting a life that's as delicious as a perfectly flipped pancake.

Journey well, my friends.


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